FIWARE IoT Agent for LoRaWAN protocol


Copyright 2018 Atos Spain S.A

FIWARE Internet of Things Agent for LoRaWAN protocol enables data and commands to be exchanged between IoT devices and FIWARE NGSI Context Brokers using LoRaWAN protocol.

It is based on the FIWARE IoT Agent Node.js Library. Further general information about FIWARE IoT Agents framework, its architecture and interaction model can be found in this repository.

This project is part of FIWARE. Check also the FIWARE Catalogue entry for the IoTAgents.



As it is explained in What is LoRaWAN™, the proposed Network Architecture for a LoRaWAN based system relies on a mesh network architecture composed of End nodes, Concentrators, Network Servers and Application Servers. This IoTA is fully compliant with this architecture, providing interoperability between FIWARE NGSI Context Brokers and LoRaWAN devices.


Supported stacks

Data models



Cloning the Github repository

  • Clone the repository with the following command:
git clone
  • Once the repository is cloned, you have to download the dependencies for the project, and let it ready to the execution. From the root folder of the project execute:
npm install
  • Launch the IoT Agent with the default configuration
node bin/iotagent-lora

You can use a custom configuration file:

node bin/iotagent-lora custom_config.js

The bootstrap process should finish with:

info: Loading devices from registry
info: LoRaWAN IoT Agent started
  • Check that the IoTA is running correctly:
curl -v http://localhost:4061/iot/about

The result must be similar to:


Using Docker

A ready to use Docker image is provided

docker run -p 4061:4061 ioeari/iotagent-lora

Using Docker-compose

This project contains an example to deploy the IoTA and all the requirement using docker-compose.

docker-compose -f docker/docker-compose.yml up

Users manual

Please check Users manual

Development manual

Please check Development manual


FIWARE IoT Agent for LoRaWAN protocol is licensed under Affero General Public License (GPL) version 3.

Copyright 2018 Atos Spain S.A